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A&N Experts are fully accredited Drugs Expert Witnesses with many years experience in the investigation of drug offences, the preparation of expert witness statements and reports for both the Defence and Prosecution.

Their experience includes the analysis of countless hours of covertly taped conversations, interpretation of drugs lists, telephone text messages and trends surrounding drug supply, supported by their experience as CHIS handlers and Under Cover Officers coupled with their experience as accredited Drugs Experts gives them almost unrivalled expertise in this area.

Our experts have vast experience in credibly presenting their findings at Court and have been commended many times in that arena.

Since the formation of A&N Drug Expert Witness Service in 2010 the Experts have provided hundreds of Drug Expert Witness Statements, which have accurately informed the Court resulting in numerous acquittals and reduction of the seriousness of the charges.

Our experts have provided constructive and persuasive opinion regarding benefit figures, which in some circumstances have resulted in huge reductions.

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